A unit of Nature's Heaven Resort, in the suburbs of the Queen of Hills, Shimla, in a beautiful place called Koti on Chail to Kufri Road. A lovely Swiss style KOTI hill resort ‘Nature Nest’ which still holds the nostalgia of the old world charm along with the most modern day facilities is situated here. In Nature Nest Resort the mist held by the hills and the pines, lowers itself to welcome the travelers. Its freshness brings alive the sensations forgotten and buried under the fast pace of life. One can simply walk a small distance and enjoy the rustic charm and culture of a typical himachali village. One can also take a walk in the lush green forests and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds all round. The quaint retreats and the Dev Bhoomi Himachal lifts the spirits of each traveler.

In winter all the area goes white with snow all around. Also if one has adventure in mind, facilities for camping are provided including a roaring campfire every evening. The simplicity, purity of surrounding areas prompts one to visit Nature Nest Resort again and again. Since we are providing Architecture and interior Designing services from long we are well aware of requirements of an individual. Honesty, Simplicity, Purity, Integrity, Service, Professionalism and Continuity. … is our philosophy. Our Mission Statement “To make Luxury quality holidays in superior accommodation at exotic destination